FEEDBACK: Well done, Tanya. A very polis…

FEEDBACK: Well done, Tanya. A very polished and professional pitch, and the concept appears to be a shoe-in for commercialization. In fact, I am more than a little surprised it hasn’t happened already. A couple of things to suggest: as a potential investor, I might need a little bit of research to help me see that VR is growing as an effective training option in the fields you are presenting. As well, information on product pricing and a description of what exactly the product is would help. Are we talking just software, or hardware and software? You market the immersive simulator, which sounds big and complicated, so do clients purchase this as well, or will you be opening up training facilities to accommodate this hardware? If the latter is the case, then you need to consider purchasing commercial space, and how you are going to offer your product and services nationwide when the customer needs to come to you.

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