FEEDBACK: What a great venture Daniel! I…

FEEDBACK: What a great venture Daniel! I like the idea of simplifying the structure for marks and reports. Typically, I enter my marks THREE times (one in my personal tracking, one in report central (our report software) and again in MyEducation). I often find myself working as an office assistant to myself rather than focusing on developing lessons and creating connections/providing support to my students. My current reservations are that Google servers are not located in Canada. I know this sounds a bit funny as we are trying to move towards a more global focus. I know from personal experience in my district that administrators are very strict about the use of software/programs with servers that are not in Canada. I think that this will need to be something revisited over the upcoming years but right now it seems to be a large hurdle that many educators in Canada (or at least my district) are faced with. Thanks for sharing!

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