Feedback When I went through this Ventur…

When I went through this Venture Pitch I thought to myself, this is a big undertaking. I wondered, based on all the different districts in different provinces, is this a one size fits all app or would there need to be a lot of customization to accommodate the specific needs that one district would/could have over another? Would this easily translate to an American market? To be honest I see this more as a web portal than a mobile app. In your pitch, you stated that forms could be downloadable and I wondered how this could be achieved on a mobile app. I also wonder how schools load all student data. Does each student need to sign up? Can a school districts provide a database of students and is that process seamless. I know in our system we use a student management product for parent contact resource, grade management portal as well as other features, but it is a chore to manage the student lists as they are created and maintained from a separate product. As an EVA I would be interested in investing in this endeavor but I would feel more confident if I knew that any functionality was consistent across multiple jurisdictions.

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