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You have presented a very professional venture pitch. I have to admit that I am not very familiar with RLGPL but after reviewing your site and elevator pitch I can see the potential that this approach to learning, through GBL, can provide. Your development team structure compliments your venture nicely. There are a couple of items that as an EVA that I would ask 1) what is the price to play? You state that revenue would be generated through the sale of user generated content, but can school’s, teachers initially just sign up and play for free? 2) Do you think your ask of $$ will provide you enough resources to gain market traction? I think you will require much more to get a critical mass buy in from teachers in using this approach to learning. This venture pitch is something as a EVA that I would invest in but I think you will need more money than you think and the ROI model you have set out may not generate enough $$ to cover that ask. Great work!

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