FEEDBACK: Your elevator pitch and pain p…

FEEDBACK: Your elevator pitch and pain point really spoke to me as this is a great description of an average in our district. I imagine the same problem exists everywhere. Your pitch itself is well done. You have VERY clearly identified the problem and a potential solution. You have also added the numbers to back it up and, on paper, it looks very appealing to potential investors. Now… from a teaching perspective, unfortunately I am not sure I would support purchasing this product. First, for a “minimum annual cost of $5 per student” that would mean that my school of 225 students would need to pay your company $1125 every year. This is WAY out of line with our budget… guaranteed. We already struggle to justify currently paying $75 x 4 ($300 / year) for an annual subscription to RAZ-Kids online reading program. Very few of our teachers use any textbooks (myself included). Instead, we are engaging our students in discussions, inquiry based project work, using hands on artifacts, and creation ideas to demonstrate understanding. All of these things already meet the diverse needs of learners… for free. So I’m sorry, but from an educational standpoint I appreciate where you are coming from but think I would have to pass.

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