Feedback: Your elevator pitch does a goo…

Feedback: Your elevator pitch does a good job of delineating what BOLT can bring to the EdTech sector and how it can work in a classroom. As a secondary school English teacher, I very rarely give tests or quizzes as we have largely moved to project-based learning where students are driven by critical questions and we explore different types of text that help them formulate complex answers to these. Truthfully, I can’t remember the last time I gave a test — years ago. The focus is really on critical thinking, whereas texts and quizzes often work well for content, which isn’t much of a focus anymore. That being said, I know my science and math colleagues use tests and quizzes often and I have a feeling in any subject area where teachers are teaching content (e.g. periodic table, geometry, the second world war) this would likely be quite popular. Could it be embedded into existing LMS? (e.g. could Bolt be used within the Desire2Learn shell?) In terms of instructional design, this seems to be the current trend. I think, however, I might consider using tests or quizzes as formative assessments to measure what they already know, etc. if I had access to technology like BOLT. I’d love for it to organize the results for me and keep track of the data to give me snapshots over time (e.g pre- and post-assessments).

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