Review: Your pitch is very clear and str…

Review: Your pitch is very clear and straightforward. I would encourage you to use visual and not read the text on the screen but use them to highlight your ideas. From your pitch I am a little unclear how this works – is it an app, how do you (the company) pay for the books? how does it improve reading? You might want to focus on one or two positives (don’t over-promise) for example, highlight that the difference between a good reader and a poor one is often the number of hours they spend reading. Reading buddy will increase the number of hours in a fun, simple way that builds the learning and self-esteem of both the reader and the child who lent their voice.
Your venture video was very well done and answered many of my questions. I wasn’t sure about the pricing _ $250 and 5 text. That would be extremely but perhaps I misunderstood your pricing. The only other concern I would have is your ask is too low. Having had a startup with a burn rate of $70,000 per month (and no salary for the co-founders) I think you could blow through this very quickly, especially if you have to pay for copyright on the books or create your own.
The idea is a great one especially with the inclusion of French. I’d expand you market quickly and include Spanish so you could take advantage of the huge market in the US!