FEEDBACK: Your venture is intriguing… Th…

FEEDBACK: Your venture is intriguing… This course has really opened up some cool ideas on how virtual reality could be used in education. I have been using Google Cardboard in my ICT 9 classes for the last year or so. I had students build SketchUp models they walked around…but they had to be kept extremely basic (i.e. four walls, a door, maybe one multiple-polygon object). In other words, even with late model smartphones (e.g. iPhone 6S) the graphical capability for VR is currently severely limited. There is a lot of ‘lag time’ when a student swivels their head. Based on this experience, I have a hard time seeing how realistically-rendered environments in a fast-paced sporting environment could be displayed on the current generation (or even the next gen) of smartphones. More capable VR headsets might be capable of such graphical power, but this would require a deeper investment and may limit the ability for whole teams (of 15+ players) to participate collectively. While I do certainly see VR headsets being used in schools, and perhaps some day sports, perhaps your timeline is a bit too optimistic..? Costs just seem a bit too prohibitive for a realistic, interactive, sport-training environment at the moment (Maybe in the US, where NCAA has the $$$ to invest in such tech..?)

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