For the first few years of my teaching c…

For the first few years of my teaching career I taught junior science, and I can see the benefits of VR goggles. The difficulty with teaching many school subjects comes from the inability to make abstract concepts tangible. To overcome this difficulty science teachers often create models, or run simulations to allow students the opportunity to interact and experience the needed concepts. With the introduction of VR one is now able to fully immerse a student into simulations previously unthinkable. When I was watching the Michael Bodekaer video I kept thinking of all the interesting places students could now explore. For example Mitosis and Meiosis, are two concepts that are often taught through watching dry videos or making posters. Imagine instead if the student could go inside of the cell and interact with either process.

Though this technology is exciting I will add a caveat, no technology I have seen yet can overcome the abilities/inabilities of the teacher themselves. If I were to introduce this technology into my classroom I would need to ensure that I personally knew enough to use the technology to the best of its ability.

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