From what I see here, I would not invest…

From what I see here, I would not invest. There is just too little information shared. Who is this guy? What is his role? What does the company do? Why are they doing what they’re doing? It just doesn’t tell me anything. Maybe once upon a time something like this would be all there is when bringing an elevator pitch, but in this case I don’t see this as a true elevator pitch.
My problem with this who video lies in the fact he’s asking for a second round, so whatever legwork that was made at the beginning now need to continue. Is there a website where I can get more information? I would be willing to go and see for myself what this is all about because that’s the activity, but if I’m someone who’s looking at hundreds of ventures a day for investment purposes, then I’d easily skip this one over. I will say that the presenter is professional and obviously is prepared, but for the sake of a 40-50 second clip, he obviously wants the viewer to look for more. The question is… am I willing to put in that time and effort?

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