Gary, I love the idea of Sentinel and se…


I love the idea of Sentinel and see it flourishing in the classroom. There were a few reservations that I had about the functionality of the program. Specifically, how does the student turn off the service? I am sure you considered this, but I didn’t see it anywhere in the pitch. For example, if a student wanted to use their device in class, would they need to launch Sentinel and then I, as the educator, could see it and limit access? I think this is an important item to address for parents, teachers, administrators and investors – privacy is such a hot topic and any bad press could sink a great idea. I liked how you opted to use a subscription model as this not only continues to generate revenue for you, it gives the user ease of mind as the cost is kept relatively low (easier for budgeting) and I think the product is priced right.

Great work!

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