GloballyRED is a service that provides p…

GloballyRED is a service that provides peer reviews prior to submitting assignments whose target market is post-graduate students. The name you chose for this venture is very clever. I like that the cost goes to the LMS provider rather than the student in contrast to the Rubriq competitor but I’m not sure why the institutions would invest. Could they not set up a sharing blog of their own in their on-line class and allow students to share? Would it be because it takes the administrative work away from their internal technological experts? Also, how would you ensure a student who has reaped the benefits of two “free” peer edited papers will review others in return? Will there be a monitor of the quality of feedback offered? I like the selling point you make that participation like this will improve the quality of papers emerging from the institution thus increasing their reputation. Some statistics confirming this would help sell the product. If a solid reputation for quality is built and the institutions and the students realize a benefit to using GloballyRED you could make a go of it. As an investor I would like to have the answer to the above questions before I decide to hand over any money. Thanks Laila.

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