Good work Erin; definitely a well though…

Good work Erin; definitely a well thought out product for an existing problem. I struggled a lot with references during my undergrad and tried Refworks and just google scholar’s output ability – but this definitely seems like a far better idea. You’re right in that it’s sure to help students learn what is/isn’t required too. From the investment side of things, I think it would be beneficial to understand/think more about the business model and maybe how you plan on getting students empowered enough to use the tool. I think the major hurdle here is going to be re-educating students that it’s easier to use the tool than to ask the questions. Reading the comments below, it seems like this is a legitimately great idea that many educators would endorse, so I think you should definitely explore it more in terms of timelines, costs (you don’t mention the pricing model at all) and the recompense on the 15k investors are being asked for. Great work overall!

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