Great App idea, the technology is alread…

Great App idea, the technology is already available so creating the app using this existing technology makes your App idea definitely workable. Your app is based on sound research and in an area of growth, both in Apps and in AR. I can see many applications for language learning, writing and assisting with communication for students with limited abilities. Google Translate already has the ability to recognize signs and languages and translate using the layer system. My only concern would be item recognition. Items do not always look the same from different perspectives. It will take a long time to upload all the items from different perspectives, angles, sizes, shapes, colours etc. for the app to locate the target image within its directory. Having created a Layar and Aurasma content I know that the target image has to be identifiable, which means sometimes manipulating the item until the camera recognizes it. What was your ASK?I would imagine much of the time and money would be in the creation of the target image database. Overall a good presentation. Apps are definitely a growing trend in the EDU technology world.

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