Great article Leah, I found the 7 founda…

Great article Leah, I found the 7 foundational principles useful and think that new analytic ventures could gain much (of which they can offer their clients) by ensuring the design and concept of any new analytics project is designed with privacy in mind. It’s a standard in science to codify personal data, to practice safe storage, and to translate the data through responsible and well controlled practices in order to ensure credibility and leave little room for error (even if there’s room for interpretation in any scientific study). I think analytics are no different, there should be some rigor in the execution or handling of data. One of the suggestions I made to the week 10 group supports your post as their concern of the “misrepresentation of analytics” would have been better served if it were worded “misuse of analytics,” as you also mention. There’s perhaps a lot of room for venture growth and advancement here.

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