Great link Milorad, I was reading an art…

Great link Milorad, I was reading an article on this the other day and very excited by the prospect of Google classroom. Many of the students I know (including myself) already make extensive use of Google Tools for learning and work, so this seems like a useful and natural extension of those tools. I wonder how big of a disruptive force it might be in the education marketplace? I’ve not seen another app/platform yet that can offer the same degree of synchronous and asynchronous collaboration (and ease of use) online as the Google tool set. From a venture prospective it will be interesting to see if Google can steal away a part of the venture action so-to-speak. I’m wondering what market(s) they intend target? This appears to be more like an emerging technology than an emerging market, but will be extremely interesting to watch unfold!  PS, if you’d like ratings on this rather than comments, you should disable comments. (Currently comments appears before ratings on this page). Cheers, Bobbi. 🙂

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