Great OER presentation JoAnna and Shanno…

Great OER presentation JoAnna and Shannon. It had a wide variety of presentation methods and it was great you kept to the theme with Micro Learning activities while presenting Micro Learning. I’ve had a great experience with a lot of the resources you’ve provided, such as Canva, Camtasia and Weebly. Although I’m a young teacher, it seems to me that attention span of students seem to be shortened and Micro Learning is a great tool to use as a strategy to combat the challenge. The only thing I would suggest is a change in format for submitting our group collaboration as the comments section isn’t incredibly intuitive for sharing files or formats. Otherwise the Weebly was clean and well-formatted. Generally, when I open a website with a lot of content and I see a lot of visuals and buttons etc. it can be overwhelming. Therefore, I appreciate the buttons on the bottom right being a continuation of the website and it made it easy to navigate from start to finish.

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