Great work Jakin, This venture pitch has…

Great work Jakin,
This venture pitch has polish and panache. Your elevator pitch had me very interested from the start. I was excited to see that you were inspired by our OER on maker spaces. The sharing economy has so much potential growth that any way to build a business off the concept of sharing what we own is compelling. My advice would be to look at where maker spaces are popping up and focus on areas that do not have close access to such a facility. I am up north in Ontario, and although there are many places that own the type of machinery I would like to have access to, there are no makerspaces available and this makes your service really essential. Unlike an apartment that you stay at for a night, a makerspace must be a safe environment and the liability of high risk machinery may be a concern. I would also be a little concerned with the same problems that air BnB has faced like pop-up rave parties and illegal ventures getting access to a location they can use but can’t be tracked to. Someone setting up a temporary Meth Lab in my makerspace would have me a bit nervous. I think your NEST partnership helps to make this a moot point. Your venture pitch is simple and cleanly laid out Jakin. I would recommend your venture as an EVA. Great job.

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