Hackaball is an interesting concept that…

Hackaball is an interesting concept that combines technology and play together. This game has the potential in the education field to future the concept of play and imagination. As long as the instructions to create the game are simple and easy to figure out, I see this product being a game that administrators would invest in to help introduce kids to technology. The ability for kids to actually play and create games is a niche that few technology based games can compete with in the educational market. This is a game that teachers could use in classrooms as a fun way to give kids mental breaks during the day.
While the two adults in the pitch were friendly and confident individuals that captured my attention and forced me to pay attention to the pitch, what sold me was the kids. Seeing the kids moving, running and jumping with Hackaball was the selling point for me. As a parent, I could envision my daughter playing with the toy outside and I could see her inside opening up the Hackaball to see and learn more about the technology in the ball. The kids were active and engaged and looked like they were enjoying Hackaball. This sold me more on this product, regardless if it works or not. The ability to sell the competitiveness and engagement of Hackaball and on top of that, introduce young children to coding, is definitely a product that teachers and parents would pay attention and want to buy. With the introduction of coding to the BC curriculum, teachers are always looking for new ways to introduce coding in the classroom and Hackaball claims would be music to many educator’s ears. For parents, any way that you can entertain your kids and have your kids learn as well is the definition of a good toy.
My only fear is that Hackaball does not have a current retail price. The technology inside the Hackaball might be too pricey for administrators to invest in long term. Admin teams love to buy bulk of certain products and if Hackaball is over $100 price point, this might discourage admin teams from fully investing in Hackaball. However, despite the price, I fully believe that Hackaball has an intriguing concept that could definitely be a player in the educational technology field.