Hello Adaptive Learning Group, thanks fo…

Hello Adaptive Learning Group, thanks for your highly informative OER. I was very impressed that you created the different personas for us to explore and therefore enabled all of us to look at adaptive learning from multiple lenses. I found it interesting that many of your team members identified as “Susans”; I wonder if your OER would have looked different if you had more Anthonys or Jeremiahs (just a thought!).

Like Chava, I agree that you could have perhaps given a little more insight as to why you focused solely on adaptive learning through mathematics education. At first glance, my thoughts would be that it is relatively straightforward to “scale-up” the difficulty of a math problem based on a student’s performance, but this might be more challenging in the Arts or Humanities.

I also noticed that a lot of your analysis focused on K-12, thought you did include some aspects of higher education. Does the landscape look particularly different between K-12 and higher ed? Or is the venture landscape in the “Trough of Disillusionment” both at the K-12 and higher ed levels?

Finally, I really like how you integrated aspects of ethical considerations into your discussion, like Marc said. When I think back to the OER that I created, I think this was an aspect of the analysis that I did not consider and could have been interesting for digital textbooks. The shoe analogy video at the end was great, and I think you could have possibly extended this ethical piece a bit more, as I remember recently that there was controversy regarding Google’s autocomplete and predictions and the steps that they are doing to address this issue.

Anyways, well done and very insightful!