Hello Ali, Thank you for the sharing you…

Hello Ali,

Thank you for the sharing your venture regarding Babbel 2.0. I assume that the VideoScibe clip in the Home page was your elevator pitch which I had to view it at least twice and pause it many times to read all the great information that you added there. It was very fast for the normal reader. However, coming from the same background of language passion, I can tell you that, I do agree with you in this venture. Learning languages applications and software are in high demand around the world.
Navigating your website, I can say that you have included a great amount of information that can convince any investor of putting money into your company; the new version of existing Babbel. I do agree with, as an educator, I agree that visual learning, in general, is what lacks in the market of teaching languages software. From my experience, I can say that most of these websites are made by teachers for teachers and they should have been done for students too, using a variety of strategies to teach languages, exactly as what you are offering here to add to the existing version of Babbel.
Having said that, I was wondering how can you convince the real company of your adjustments. Are you looking into being a partner with them once you introduce the changes, or you are satisfied to be an employee? I think this question determines how is going to invest in this company and why. Are we, as investors, investing in you as well as in your new product?

If I am to invest in your venture, I would have liked to see some examples of the lessons that you are offering with your newly designed Babbel 2.0. as a demonstration of visual integration of teaching new languages. Deffenatlly, It is an opportunity to invest in this sector and support a new idea.

Great Venture, and Good luck.

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