Hello Anne, As an online learner, I thin…

Hello Anne,

As an online learner, I think this is the right venture that we need to invest in. In my last school, we have created a mindfulness room for students and staff that can offer services to all the school. We were very popular among students and staff, some staff volunteered to teach also Yoga in their free time to students and faculty. Having said that I was very impressed with your venture and I can be a potential human investor and financial investor as well. My questions about this venture are how does it work in term of technological factors. Computers vs tablets or smart devices application. I am imagining that this application that if t is installed would force somehow the user to stand up every 10 minutes and do some movements etc.
The market value and the market projections are not well explained too, and therefore, if we are looking at potential investors we need to show them the potential market especially schools vs higher edutain students. My other concern is where can we implement this venture in primary schools? investors believe in covering all potential markets as much as they can in order to maximize their profits.
Great website, and venture.
Good Luck.

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