Hello Christine. When I began to look at…

Hello Christine. When I began to look at your pitch, I first wanted to see the elevator pitch. I would have liked to see it feature more prominently on the page. I am sure that you must have run into to some kind of technical problem that forced you to record a video of the computer screen, but this really distracted from the presentation. After watching the elevator pitch, I understood that you were offering something to help students with their science labs, but I really had no idea what. An app? A hardware device? A website? Although brief, your initial pitch should be more informative. And I would have liked to hear your voice (or a voice) as well. In your section on the competition the link to projectmanager.com leads to a fake site. I think it is a wise idea to offer a free trial period to hook the users and then get them to pay. A whole year is a long time, though. That means a year without revenue. Maybe you could build that into your ask and trying looking for more money. You did a good job presenting the statistics of prospective students, but you got the last number (grade 7-12 total) wrong. You are probably aware of this already. You have an excellent idea here. I think the what will make the product standout is the the data collection feature. Technically, this will be difficult to implement and will require research and perhaps the production of hardware to be compatible.

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