Hello Erin, Thank you for this venture t…

Hello Erin,

Thank you for this venture that it seems that is working very well at Lethbridge College. As an educator, I can tell you right away, it is one of the best ventures that I have seen in terms of igniting the creativity for educators especially the ones who work most of the time in an office space. However, it seems to me that it is a physical location that exists at one location which you offer in this venture. If this is the case, as an investor, I should be one of the Lethbridge College to see the big market that is existing there. While I am an international investor, I have to be asking my self about the expanding market that you are targeting in the future. I would be asking would you share your expertise with other universities and colleges? would you be interested in consultancy services? The work place is one of the hottest topics within the corporate world of today. I do agree with you that the work place ignites the creativity and the increase the productivity of the employee. Would your venture be able to service also to the other professions other than education? Collab has a creative team that can guarantee the completion of projects through out hubs of innovation and many other which sound a unique offer to the teacher in general. However, I am questioning about the integration of technology in this venture. Is Collab open to offer software or application to keep up with the market of today?
In sum, I will be very interested to invest in this great project especially that I am an educator and I can see the amazing and unlimited positive outcome of this project, However, we I think we should offer this cool experience to other places.
Great job with the website. I think it was simple and direct to the point.
Good luck in your venture.

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