Hello Jakin, Thank you for sharing your…

Hello Jakin,
Thank you for sharing your venture. I think that Makerspce is a great idea to start with. I enjoyed your elevator, It caught my attention as a teacher, so I thought it is a very good idea for students. However, when I start reading your Venture Pitch thinking as an investor I was looking to know about “who are you today as Soma in the world” and I was also looking at “How it works” giving that all the Makerspaces that you have mentioned in your Pitch were in one or two cities in North America, one in Europe and one in China. I am very happy to invest in your pitch because as an educator I was always looking to involve my students in projects but I never found a place that can be shared or tools that can satisfy all the students need. So, as an investor, I would ask the following question:
Do you have some technological platform to get connected between Makerspaces in the same city or the same country?
Are there any possibilities for a potential franchise for SOMA, so investors will look into the maximizing revenues?
Therefore, the idea is a great idea that would contribute a great deal to education. I can see a great potential growth in this Pitch in the future due to the expansion of SOMA in the future. Great Job.

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