Hello James, Thanks for sharing! I’m ver…

Hello James,
Thanks for sharing! I’m very familiar with Zoom. It’s the platform that we use most if not all the time at my work for holding video conferences and meetings as well as webinars. It is definitely the technology I am most familiar with for these purposes. I’m curious if others in our group are using another platform that they think superior, not that Zoom does not work well, it is working just fine in my context but I’m always interested in new tech and better operations so thought I would ask!

I feel like Zoom is quite easy to use. You just send a link, the participants click on the link, and the meeting launches. Also, there is the feature of being able to record calls which we use a lot. This is really helpful if someone cannot make the call. To that point I would say that this would be phenomenal for students! I remember going to lectures and missing things that were said when I was taking notes. I used to think “if only I could go back” but of course you can’t rewind or re-watch/re-listen to a live lecture. It would be amazing if lectures could be done on zoom and recorded and then sent out to students so they could revisit and improve their notes, and review the lecture, I think this would be a great thing to help improve their studies. I would have loved to have this!
Wonder what others think about using Zoom or a similar online video platform learning for teaching?

Good observation and point about the rise in the value of stocks. I think a lot of investors will be considering investing in online learning technology now and that companies like Zoom are going to see a boom in sales and usage as well as in the valuation of their companies in the next little bit as so many people are going to be trying online meeting and learning alternatives to what they have been doing face to face. I’m curious, how do you think this will affect the infrastructure of internet and service providers? Do you think they are ready for the increase in traffic online?