Hello Janna, And thank you for your vent…

Hello Janna,

And thank you for your venture. Your elevator pitch was great to capture my attention and make me going to your website to read more about your venture. You have explained very well the need of this service among the population of Canada. The technology that you have presented on the venture page of your website (PIXIO) is a very good technology for students, in general. I can see many opportunities for students to benefit from it at schools. The other video clip did not work for some reason. Your integration of the brochure in you page was very well integrated too and well informative.

However, I do not see me as a potential investor in your venture for the following reasons.

1- I did not see or read about you, for example, I did not see a page that talks about Who are you, as a company?
2-I do not see the Canadain code for training dogs explained (Who is the governmental body that regulates this industry.)
3- How can your company monitor the training of these future trainers and how can you assess them in order to certify them.
4- How much are you offering the future trainers to be trainers?
5- I do not see the clear connection between training dogs for this great services and schools. How can you involve students or schools in your venture?
6- I cannot see the potential profit as an investor.

Even though I see how noble and great this service to people in need can be, especially if it is true, that there is lots of demand of people who offer this services in Canada.

However, I am very sorry, I am not sure if I will be the right person to invest here.

Good luck with your venture.

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