Hello JO, thank you for your feedback I…

Hello JO, thank you for your feedback I too believe that the number of teachers who are not excited about the idea of not having a textbook, nor a provincial exam, to worry about will be declining in numbers within the next couple of years. This is a venture that I am legitimately interested in and I was happy to have the opportunity to be able to explore what it would take to turn SCP into a small scale publishing business. It is perfectly natural that there is resistance from individuals with any kind of change that is implemented. I really like your suggestion of a “a-la-carte” option for resources. I have already begun doing that strategy, on a small scale, on Edmodo Spotlight. However, that is limited to only those who have an Edmodo account. However, as you had also stated as SCP approaches a level of potential profitability I will need to scale back my various district and even potentially provincial level responsibilities just because the conflict of interest issue. If or when that does arise that will be a wonderful dilemma to have.

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