Hello Johnny, Good work on your Mathland…

Hello Johnny,

Good work on your Mathlandia pitches. I thought that throughout both presentations you had a great conversational tone which made me interested in learning more and also made me feel at ease. I agree with your reflection in that I like how you drew on Seymour Papert’s work for your inspiration, however, I am unsure how Mathlandia fully embraces constructionism. My understanding of constructionism is that students learn best by constructing and sharing the meaning or knowledge artifacts that they create. Do you mean that by participating in the virtual world students will be “sharing” their knowledge?

Another really cool part of your pitch was how you outlined the competitive edge of your particular product compared to the other products available- I thought you did this in an easy-to-understand manner and that you made it very clear (I wish I had done this fo rmy pitch!)

The only other constructive feedback I have is that I found a few of your slides a little wordy/fuzzy, so I found it hard to follow along with what you were saying while also trying to read the slides.

Overall, I think you did a good job and really like how you gave the context of your own educational experiences when coming up with Mathlandia.