Hello Justin, Thank you for this venture…

Hello Justin,
Thank you for this venture, I have to say that your detailed website has covered all the questions that any investor would have. I think Your Elevator Pitch is very reliable to see the CEO of a company to advertise his own product rather than a presentation that can be done by any one. The venture is a great idea that we all need it in our writing, not just students, however, I am understanding from your presentation that this Microgram app is designed just for students in all levels. In addition to that, this app is designed as an application so it cannot be used in desk tops at all. Most of the teachers today, if not all of them work with the big screen desk top or a laptop to mark the student’s’ work. So my advice here is to allow this application to be used on computers too. The detailed process of how this app works was great, but it is very long for students. Currently, I am working in a school that has Google as a base for all of our communications, we are a google school. When students write their essays and submitted it to their teachers who will then add comments and send it back to the students. Then the student will rewrite the essay and send it back for final mark. All of this process is done through Google products for free and it is all electronically done. I know that adding the computer component will create a larger category of comparatives than you have mentioned in your website, however, I can see the potential growth of your application within these competitors anyway. Your Pitch Venture is a great opportunity for investors. Good luck.

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