Hello Kevin, Thank you for introducing a…

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for introducing a great, well designed and planned venture to all of us. In this venture, I have seen a very well representation of your venture with great details which is a very positive aspect to invest in you as well as in your venture.
The well-produced elevator pitch video was a success to capture my attention to your venture. as well as the main topic of enriching and professionally develop teacher skills to match the 21st century level of teaching to the future digital students. Often, the PD days that teachers attend to focus on the existing ways of teaching instead of introducing new innovative ways of teaching in order to reach out to every student in the classroom. As an educator and international teacher, I can affirm that there are lots of demands to this type of venture especially when it comes to teaching internationally. While working internationally I have seen and experienced a great variety of curriculum that required a special kind of training and coaching for teachers. IB program, Montessori, English National curriculum etc. are simple examples of these challenges that teachers need to learn in order to keep their job and catch up with the new 21st century students.
I have seen that you are offering services in both online and face-to-face which can guarantee the inclusion of all teacher learners. At this point, I am wondering about the coasting factor of this venture offering face-to face services especially internationally. Do you have personal around the world that teach and enrich teachers experiences in the classroom? As an investor, I am wondering how much this services would cast and if this cost would affect the price that you are offering when you are selling the services. The price if it is high, would affect the supply and demand factor as most of the international schools are private and looking after their profit as well as the PD cost for their teachers. So, how can this venture be a competitive company in price to the online courses that are very low in cast?
Overall, it is a great venture that would have lots of potential investors who can see the educational and the financial benefits.


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