Hello Kevin, what an intriguing venture….

Hello Kevin, what an intriguing venture. First, you appear to be the right fit to found such a company. Your passion and expertise shine through. LIT is an effective name. Easy to remember and fits the mission of the venture. You have an added value proposition, compared to your competitors which is the fact that are going to collaborate with regional/local artists….I think it may be a real draw for schools and also local dram companies. What a positive partnership! I admit that it was challenging for me to picture exactly how the product would look like and what it would do but knowing a little about VR, I appreciated that you explained that in an LA class, performance enhanced the meaning of language. It’s the one argument that made me intrigued about your product because its true that not all schools can give access to the infrastructure needed to perform. So a venture able to democratize this experience by bringing it to all schools is definitely something to look at from the point of you of a school board or administrator.
If you are going to take the next step, I think you must invest in the services of a web designer to start building at least part of the site that would host the resource. After reading the venture pitch, I felt that I could not really picture the product or that it was too vast. Also form my perspective, Prezi might not be the ideal format for your venture pitch. I experienced some frustration navigating through the slides (not just with your prezi though!). A well done Google slide or a website integrating what your own site would look like may be more effective. Overall, Its a venture I would like to see going further because the authenticity, the real life experience and the education epxerience of the founder were obvious so it tells me that once you have solid technical support to concretize your venture, it’s likely goind to be a solid product.