Hello Mobile Learning Team: I did a sear…

Hello Mobile Learning Team:

I did a search of my name, there were only a couple of people with my same name and last name. Although when I searched for my complete name (including second name) no matches. As for FB, there were 3 with my same name and last name.

The truth is that I am not a social media person. Although I have to confess that I have a FB account. The reason that I have one is because I was forced to open account for my friends when I moved abroad. I try to provide as little info as possible when it comes to signing up for social media account. I prefer to provide my thoughts through this platform rather than opening a twitter account. The reason why I am not active on social media is because I feel that is like doing homework. I seems that I need to be posting, twitting and liking every post that is out there. That is my personal feeling towards social media. Although I do not think that this tool should be banned from education.
 Is there a reason why you chose Twitter? My other concern was the accessibility of social media. The MET is an online course that can be accessed by students from all over the world. Have you considered that maybe some students of a cohort might be living in countries that social media is blocked? Might not be the case for our cohort, just a thought.

Students, specially teenagers, are all about social media. They are always posting things. I am afraid that sometimes they are too addicted to social media. However, I have to say that it is through social media that students learn what is going around the world. Kids might not watch the news or read the newspaper. These news are also available on social media platforms, which are more accessible for students. 
It can be a powerful tool for education, but its use can also be abused. As a parent or educator, I try not to banned social media from students and children. I believe that with the correct guidance and monitoring of its use it would be an additional tool for learning.

Presentation wise, the background image used on “Social Media for Education”. The image was too busy and I was not able to read the text as easy as the other sections. “How is social medica used in #Education?” you might want to use a color as a background rather than an image. At the bottom of the page, the links with black text are not are not very legible.