Hello mobile learning team, I just wante…

Hello mobile learning team,
I just wanted to say your approach to taking on social media was a bold choice! I’ve actually found it really interesting to see the peer response to this week’s interactivities! In fact I checked Twitter and it looks like only a few people so far have used the platform to answer your questions. It seems that our peers take digital privacy as a serious issue. That being said in my response I wanted to point out that being positive role models in the digital world is also important for our students… If we hide behind our privacy curtains, we are letting our students be totally and completely influenced by everything and everyone else on the internet. If we want students to develop the best digital behaviours, we should also be willing to demonstrate it to some extent. Just a thought!

Thank you for addressing this tough topic. I think it would be really interesting to see within your OER, how social media has shifted even in the last decade. As you pointed out in the 2018 research paper, students don’t even use Facebook anymore. Snapchat and Instagram are inherently very different platforms so the experience of our peer group using Facebook as our key social media platform is going to be very different to kids born after 2000. Also, there is a lot of debate nowadays about breaking up these giant tech and social media companies (in particular Facebook-Instagram-Whatsapp), I think some analysis into this sector would be a great way to demonstrate your EVA skills!