Hello Mobile Learning Team, thank you fo…

Hello Mobile Learning Team, thank you for including some interesting considerations for this week’s OER. At first, I was a bit uncertain about trying to use your OER on my phone (sometimes I have found that websites created with “Wix” for example don’t work really well), but was happy to see that your OER looked the same on my phone as it did on the website. Your website was simple to navigate.

I divide my social media usage into “professional” and “personal”. For professional social media, I use Twitter, LinkedIn, and I have a professional Facebook profile. I use my married surname for my personal social media use, so my colleagues and students generally can’t “find” my personal accounts.

In terms of your OER, I think it may have been helpful to focus on one aspect of social media in education- I think the challenge with your topic is that it can be incredibly broad so getting to the complexities of any of the social media modalities is tough. For example, I know that in higher education Twitter is very popular among academics and there is beginning to be some research on the impact of Twitter for educational purposes (example: Tang, Y., & Hew, K. F. (2017). Using Twitter for education: Beneficial or simply a waste of time?. Computers & Education, 106, 97-118). I think that having more of a research-focused approach to your OER would have lended some credibility to aspects of your narratives. That being said, it was straightforward and easy for me to access your OER and go through your resources and activities. I am comfortable using Twitter, but I notice that a number of our peers are not as comfortable- perhaps it would have been a good idea to provide them with other options for activities to ensure their engagement as well.

One final suggestion- I was surprised that you did not reference UBC’s digital tattoo website (https://digitaltattoo.ubc.ca/) as this has many resources available for both instructors and students for them to consider their digital presence. I plan on incorporating some of the lessons for my students for next semester.