Hello Rob, Great elevator, I think havin…

Hello Rob,

Great elevator, I think having the founder and the CEO presenting the product. As a teacher, I can tell you that this Venture is needed to organize all tabs and open websites, etc. However, I have some questions regarding integrating all application and websites into your Last-Dash. How would you get the consent of Kahoot, Quizlet (website based activity) into your new software, I think a permission is needed especially that most of these websites are not owned applications or digital media platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube, Khan Academy..etc. Therefore, as an investor, I would like to look into the legality of the sharing other websites and applications. In addition, investors would love to investigate the potential markets within North America and the global market as well. So, my question is who is buying this product? the Individual teachers or the school boards? How much you are charging the individual teachers and the school boards. And my last question is about the competitors. As you mentioned that your Last-Dash is between expensive software and free software which is very good. However, my advice is to get students engaged in this software like a kind of communication between them because from my experience, investor look at students as the potential buyers more than school teachers. However, Last-Dash has good potential to attract investors. Good Luck!

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