Hello Stephanie, Very interesting presen…

Hello Stephanie,
Very interesting presentation. I was well engaged with both your clips the elevator and the venture too. I loved the way that you presented, organized and structured the information of your product. It was clear that you have a very solid product and a confident team behind this idea.I also, have to high light your educational skills that you have mentioned in your presentation even though you have made it clear that you are targeting the financial sector. As a teacher, we go through many PD days a year. Some of the courses that we take are not what we need as an individual teacher, so we have no say in what we want to be trained in. This is my selling point to this venture. Your Venture hight light the individual need of each employee, to keep track of each course, and create a healthy competition between colleagues for the benefit of the company. So, the concern is how provide you with all of these courses or simply, who is designing your courses?Who deliver these courses? Are you connected with a third party or you and your team do all the work? I am asking because you mentioned that you can join two competitors to your app. So, are you buying their contents or partnering with them. However, great idea and I would be happy to invest in this idea. Great Work.
Good Luck.

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