Hello Tomek, First of all, I laud your e…

Hello Tomek,
First of all, I laud your effort and thought behind this venture. A lot of us go through difficult situations in life, but only a strong few step up and do something about it. So kudos!
About your elevator pitch: I think it was emotional and struck a chord, but it is not really targeting the investors or highlighting your team. So if you want to raise funds for this venture, you need to find out a way to get the investors interested. Providing number of students that can be affected/helped can be an option
Your website was pleasing to the eyes and very neat, but I have some observations:
You may need to think about a more detailed plan. How do you plan to start, how to raise awareness, what is your 3-5 yr goal. I know you have stated it in brief that you will test it in your institution and then spread to japan, but may be a roadmap?
You can allow organizations to interact with students and arrange for sessions on for example: how to cope with stress etc. You can pitch for mentors from organizations. This could be one of the ways to tap the corporate into your initiative.
I wish you succeed in your venture. All the best!

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