Hello Tomek, Thank you for sharing your…

Hello Tomek,

Thank you for sharing your venture idea and story with our class. Mental health is a very serious issue and it is unfortunate that it is not perceived so by other cultures. I have had some experiences with students who have had suicidal thoughts and the reality of the situation can be overwhelming for all involved. I think that your website could be of great value for youth in your school. I think that your focus should be on counselling and support, and provide alternate sites to help with academics (even thought the two are related in your school). An idea may also to provide support for teachers who may be dealing with students who have exhibited signs of mental health issues. From experience I can tell you that it is a very difficult position to be in to know that one of your students is in real need and feel like you do not have the resources available to help (or at least not make the problem worse).

Best of luck to you.

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