Hey Anouk, Great job. I’m an avid hikin…

Hey Anouk, Great job. I’m an avid hiking and outdoor enthusiast and you totally make a great point why is there not a simple course for mountaineering like there is for diving. I’ve done my PADI training and I was very thankful for the safety that training provided when diving.

The outdoors is big business in Vancouver, especially during the tourest season. I can totally see myself using this the maps feature. As an investor, my issue would be making my money back. At least in Vancouver, most of the big money is made on tourism and I don’t see many tourists wanting to do extra work out of choice especially during their holidays.

If there was a change in regulation as far as mountaineering and a short course was mandated by the government before anyone could hike. I would invest in a heartbeat.
Great product!