Hey Brogan – I’m a big fan of games (an…

Hey Brogan – I’m a big fan of games (and gaming). If you’ve not already done so – I’d recommend registering for the digital gaming class that’s been added to the MET program. I participated in the summer institute version and loved the experience. I haven’t used Godot before, but the output looks good. If you get a chance, you should also check out RPG maker (looks to generate similar types of games – and has lots of supporting content).

From a venture point of view, I like the connection to the death of Flash (yay!). I wonder if someone will (or already has) created a tool to automatically convert flash to HTML5 or another runtime? Automated translation might speed up the migration from Flash and make the transition much less bumpy.

One more thought, you mention constructionist approaches in your pitch. You might consider having the students construct a game on financial literacy. To build the game, they would have to learn about the topic (to quite some depth). Can they make financial literacy come to life? I suspect, that like you, there would be many students that would invest time in building a game – learning and having fun along the way.