Hey Heeweon, Great post! I agree with Ev…

Hey Heeweon,
Great post! I agree with Evan that Lehtonen’s passion for this venture is clear. After checking out 3DBear’s website, they detail that the product is aimed at capitalizing on the ‘Maker’ movement, whereby students can plan, design, and create their own products using 3DBear’s lessons and AR design templates found within their app/software. The uniqueness of implementing 3D printing into their venture is innovative and the global demand of which Lehtonen speaks shows great market potential for 3DBear. His drive to continuously learn and innovate speaks to his character as a potential role model for future or would-be entrepreneurs, as evidenced by ensuring his plastic recycler for 3D printers is open source. His product pitch focuses on improving the quality of education for youth, and well as making it more interactive and fun.
The Ultimaker 3D printer showcased in their promo video retails for approximately $4-8K depending on the model. With the advance in 3D printing technology and availability, hopefully the cost of the 3D printers declines such that they can become more widely adopted in learning environments such as those Lehtonen describes. I’m left wondering if their software/app is compatible with any 3D printer…or is limited to a certain brand or type?
For the teachers in the group – do your schools currently have 3D printers? Have they been successfully integrated within the school’s curriculum/teacher lessons?
Thanks again Heeweon for the great read!