Hey Jesse, thanks for sharing your pitch…

Hey Jesse, thanks for sharing your pitch. It was quite interesting to watch, and something that I am pretty sure many educators would love to see. You nailed it when you said "mobile first" experience. I have found that most LMS don't offer mobile experiences, and you really want something that brings school into the context of the mobile millenia. 


I feel that it is a challenge to recruit new schools, and would encourage your pitch to think of a strategy which offers some type of incentive to get schools on board (beyond the advantages the app could provide).


One of the biggest challenges you may face is how crowded this market is. You have LMS on one side, with thousands of options. On the other side you have Social sites popping up, with many that only a 12 year old would know. With that in mind, you would have to make a really compelling story to interest investors. 

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