Hey Personalized Learning team – thanks…

Hey Personalized Learning team – thanks for the OER! I appreciated the different approaches to the content delivery. However, if I were to personalize it, I’d like to have a mix of content through the flow. At its simplest, perhaps each section could have offered a choice on the path ahead?

In researching the technology to support personalized learning, did you get any impression regarding the complexity of building such a solution? With the availability of AI and ML platforms, is this a capability that is now getting simpler to deploy? Could someone use Watson (or similar) to put together a personalized learning solution? Or is this something that only a team of researchers needs to build starting from scratch?

And in bridging the world between technology and people, I wonder if there’s a role to play for solutions such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? Is there a 3rd player needed in the classroom: 1. Teacher, 2. Personalized Learning Technology and 3. Mechanical Turk. The Mechanical Turk could help to interpret and fill gaps between the teacher and the technology – bringing more human insights, but through technology.