Hey Sarah, thanks for the comment and ni…

Hey Sarah, thanks for the comment and nice to meet you!

With scrambling, you should only be really attempting it if you’re experienced as well as with others who are experienced. The terrain can change quite frequently. Last summer I was out with a friend camping for a few days and we scrambled a montain in the area. Unfortunately when we got up we noticed our “down” path was covered in ice and snow. We didn’t have our ice axe or proper boots for snow. Anyway. Just to say even with experience, nature can surprise you.

As for my classroom, we rotate spaces on a weekly basis. For the most part, my students are able (as I let them too) to work in all parts of the school including the space we have here in the classroom. We’re quite active so its rare I have most of my students in my class all at once. Some decide to go in the library, others in the stairwell. It works and its super cool to see.