Hey Sarah, thanks for the great informat…

Hey Sarah,
thanks for the great information on Remind’s, Brett and David Kopf. While Remind is off to a hot start, I actually wonder about their sustainability in this venture space. I used to be a big fan of Remind. I had my students download it and communicated reminders, news, updates etc. though the app to my students. It was great. In fact, our admin uses it now as a communication tool to update staff and remind us of school related events. What I have noticed however, is that with the rise of google classroom, Remind is less popular / utilized. Teachers are now sending messages via google classroom to parents and students of the classes. In my experience, Remind has been cast into the shadows of google because it is a standalone, single purpose app, that google classroom (and perhaps other broader, multi use LMSs) has embedded into their service along side many other features.

That said, you cannot discount what Brett and David have done to date. $18 million, 23 million users, and a 90% usage rate in US schools is nothing to scoff at. I just wonder if they can hold off the big players?!