Hi Aaron, I loved this concept even thou…

Hi Aaron,

I loved this concept even though I don’t have experience with secondary learners. I love the idea of motivating students to participate using the devices they already have, although as Dan Boone has stated below, and as I’ve stated in another venture review, I am hesitant to support any venture which relies on BYOD, no matter how useful I think it is. BYOD relies so heavily on students having a smartphone that supports the app as the first step. I live in a community where I know that students, even at the post-secondary level, regularly do not have access to a smartphone, and particularly have limited access to wifi at their homes. For students without these services available this type of homework would be impossible to complete, causing potential embarrassment and frustration. So, unfortunately, as a teacher/instructor, I’d have to say no to this product.

As an EVA, I see enormous potential in this product, and I think you may have more uptake in schools that already mandate some form of technology (e.g. those schools who hand out iPads, Chromebooks, etc as “school supplies”) and I think that by focusing your efforts to get this product in those schools, there is good possibility of market integration and meaningful use.

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