Hi Aaron, Right off the bat — I was so…

Hi Aaron, Right off the bat — I was so impressed by the quality and professionalism of both of your pitches. Throughout this experience, I’ve discovered how insanely difficult is is to convey credibility and trustworthiness in these brief clips, but you made it seem effortless. I think the idea behind Framework — to reimagine homework so so students can do it on their phones in a more fun and engaging manner. But, as others have noted, the applications seem rather limited, and I would want to see added versatility built into Framework so that students have more options for demonstrating their understanding of concepts. Your marketing strategy, offering free use initially, seems like a smart way to grow and establish a strong user base, but I would have some serious reservations about how well the product would sell — especially once the novelty has worn off. At this stage, I would need to see Framework build in more student tools before I would consider investing.

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