Hi Aaron The elevator pitch is clear yet…

Hi Aaron
The elevator pitch is clear yet you exceeded the 1 min limit. I got confused on how is the solution different from Edmodo and similar products in the market that look like facebook but for education (also Yammer.com). It is good that you mentioned how much money you need. After reading the venture pitch I found out that the product is not exactly like Edmodo and facebook. But an investor may stop at the elevator pitch simply by making this false assumption.
The venture pitch is smoothly outlined. Yet the team has no experience in educational games or software development in the field of video games. I definitely find the value proposition clear and important. K-12 teachers are using different apps to engage students yet due to their inconsistency it is becoming a burden on the students. It is nice that the software will support all platforms of mobile devices making it a BYOD product. The competitors are not Moodle, Blackboard or Edmodo. The main competitors are Canvas, SmartTechnologies, Netop, Netsupport, LanSchool. The are all classroom management softwares that can integrate in a way or another with an LMS using API (which has its limitations). The product seems extremely big. Having social environment similar to edmodo and a classroom response system similar to LanSchool and an LMS similar to moodle or blackboard. This definitely requires a large investment. Is there a plan to do it on phases? The 250K USD will not cover the cost of such product that requires more than a year to develop. I need more info on the business model. What is the selling price? How are you planning to sell it? You mentioned the end-user but not the purchaser characteristics and geographical info. What is the return on investment and when will this return occur?