Hi Abraham, I enjoyed your venture plan….

Hi Abraham,
I enjoyed your venture plan. The link to your elevator pitch didn’t work for me, which is unfortunate because I am curious. Can you fix this? Your strength is definitely the venture idea itself because it offers a solution to a real problem that is current and ongoing in BC in addition to your expertise in this area and your solid plan. Since the BC government has already invested in skilled trades but still are not filling enough positions, I think your venture is just what they need and would make a perfect partnership.
Despite your lack of business experience, as you expressed in your reflection, I thought you did a great job breaking down your plan: how the money will be used, what the timeframe is, the return and so. I just think the medium you chose for your presentation was a bit weak. From an EVA’s perspective, I would have liked to have felt your presence more, which is hard to convey with just text and images. You have a brilliant idea that could have a big impact; with a more effective presentation method such as video, I don’t think much could stop this venture from taking off.